Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trey's surgery is underway. The surgeon came out to greet us and let Trey know that after review of the CT, the break was worse than originally thought. He said that he planned to use a type of cement along with the plate and screws. Trey has been confident that he would be weight barring in a few days but the surgeon told us no weigh for 6-8 weeks!! Trey wants to do follow-up with the surgeon in two weeks. So, the plan is to stay here until then. After that I have no idea what the plan will be…
Anyways, the surgery is scheduled to take an hour and a half. We rented a hotel for the next couple of nights so Trey can sleep off anesthetic and so he can rest easy knowing that I’m not going to wreck the camper. J
Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and offers. Don’t be surprised when we show up on your door step to take you up on them. I’ll write something up tonight after surgery and let you all know how things went.

Joey is very worried and keeps sniffing Trey’s knee. I told Joey we had to go to the Vet because Trey has worms. That got a chuckle out of Trey.

Sorry for choppy writing, didn’t get much sleep last night.