Friday, June 29, 2012

Driving, Racing, Driving

After leaving Bend, Or. we drove back to Ashland. Here is an awesome boon-docking spot that we found along the way.

We stopped off at the "North Umpqua Hot Springs."

Here is Trey jumping off the cliffs at "Emigrant Lake" in Ashland. We found where all the high schoolers hang out. 

Race day!!

Winter 3rd!!! On the podium again!!

...yep, got talked into racing. I guess it was worth it, I got first place!!

Matthieu and Trey on the podium!! Best buds!!

It's the winners circle!

Post-race dinner with the Nason's

After Ashland we headed back to the coast. We found a bike shop literally in the middle of nowhere.

Sand Dunes of Oregon.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sawtooth National Forest

Trey and I took a drive today up Hwy 75 North out of Ketchum. We were told not to miss it... 
The first three photos were taken at Redfish Lake, just outside of Stanley, Id. and the others were taken off the side of the road, while driving back. This really was worth the drive and we never felt like we spent most our day in the truck. Totally worth it!

Ice Cave.

I have no idea the name of this cave. It's late and I don't feel like looking it up. BUT it was really cool! Maybe, in the morning I will ask Trey and post the name to the blog. For now, I will call it the "Disney Cave" while on our drive from Bend to Sun Valley.

Eagle Bike Park.wmv

Wow! This past week and weekend has been a whirl wind of excitement! Trey and I are now in Idaho, on a whim. We followed our good friends the “Graham family” here for an awesome trip of riding and trail running. Before we got here though, we were in Bend, Oregon for two weeks. Trey raced his mountain bike in the first of the “Oregon Enduro” race series. There was a very large contingence of Washington mountain bikers there, most of them we know and are very good friends with. We also managed to merge our California friends in with the Washington friends with a smooth transition. We only wish the whole Nason (Cali) crew were able to make it to the race. Out of our group of friends we had four podiums, three in one shot! In the 40+ M cat2 category, Trey took first place and two of our best friends took second (Greg) and third (Pete). It was very exciting to see the three of them up on the podium. Our other podium winner was Winter, from California who took first over-all for the Jr. category!!

 We were so proud of him and proud of all our friends who freaking rocks the trails in Bend. I did not race, unless Strava counts. I’m 99% sure that I will be racing in the Ashland Enduro, in a couple of weeks. Not sure that I really want to, but I’m signed up anyways…Mostly, I just want to see our friends again. I love the summer time!! The weather turned rotten last Sunday in Bend. So, we packed it up and followed the Graham’s to Boise, Idaho. We rode our bikes at “Eagle Bike Park.” Jim is a mountain bike enthusiast. He is all things “Bike.” Jenny, Jim’s wife is a runner. She just qualified for the Boston Marathon, so she and I did some trail running. I just tried to keep up… We heard of a place called “Sun Valley” for mountain biking and figured, why not! So we drove there hoping the lift system for bikes would be up and running but, unfortunately, they don’t open for another month. However, that did not stop us from riding up the mountains to 8000ft and sucking wind like our last dieing breath. It was awesome! Trey and I are headed back to Bend, Or. in the morning. There is a good chance my dad will be there. He just built his own Tear Drop and wants to do some traveling with Trey and I. He is from Illinois; he left last month on a summer tour. After Bend we go to Ashland for the race there and then NORTH!! Can’t wait!! Whistler is calling my name!!

I think Big Bird lives here in Sun Valley.
Freaky hail storm