Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

We will now return to our regularly scheduled program

The 2012 Heavy Pedal Tour, is coming to an end. The last webisode and blog should be up next Tuesday. Trey and I are back in Santa Cruz, CA. for a few days, before heading to Interbike in Las Vegas, NV. The photographer who has been on the road with us the last couple of months, will end his journey with us at Interbike. The journey has been quite an adventure. Although, the pace of the tour went by more quickly than a squirrel on crack. Trey and I really did enjoy every minute of the proposition from BIKE. If asked to do it again we would say, absolutely! Who doesn’t want to get paid to do what they love?
Trey and I are still deciding on what our plans will be after Interbike. We have thrown around many ideas on places we would like to go. I keep bringing up the fact that Angel Fire Bike Park in New Mexico will be open until mid October. We have also thought about Colorado or just heading back down to Arizona, where we have made some great friends. We have a couple of months to play around before we head to Spain for our yearly family trip, in November. Hopefully, this years trip will be less of a $#!+ show compared to Dominican Republic.
Thanks to all our followers, we will now return to our regularly scheduled program