Friday, January 27, 2012

Secret Mountain Bike Jump Area near Phoenix!

While riding with some local dudes in Tucson, they kept talking about this great jump area near Phoenix. I was hooked and had to find it. They gave me the general area, and I found the exact spot on Google Earth. It turned out to be worth it! I'm in the process of editing a short video of the area. Here's a photo teaser for now.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hike in Sedona

Phoenix Marathon

(I wrote this a few days ago) we are still in Phoenix. Headed back to Sedona on Monday and then maybe back to Cali...

Okay so it’s been awhile since last we met, not because we are bored and have nothing to write about but because life at the retirement facility is just that awesome! Yes, I am happy to announce that Trey and I have been living in a lovely RV retirement community who after review of our age, decided that a little young blood would be good for their souls. There is much to do here. There’s a pool, hot tub, exercise room, pool hall, TV rec. room, and more. They have polka and western dances every Friday and bingo on Tuesdays! Pot lucks, yoga, and live music. I really can go on and on but I must admit we have yet to join in…however we are located near Usery mountain pass which has provided us with hours of mountain biking, trail running, and cactus thorns as far as the eyes can see. We spent some time in Sedona last weekend mountain biking and meeting new friends who have invited us to stay on their property after we check out of here on the 19th of this month.
Trey is working on videos from the NRA pit. This is a place where Trey really likes to ride because of the gap jumps and drops. Trey says the NRA pit is the best freeride area around the Phoenix area.  
Now onto something new and different…Trey and I have discovered an indoor trampoline park just 20miles West of here. For $10 you can jump for one full hour. Holy Crap! What a work out!! We were so sore, for days!!! Couldn’t ride couldn’t run…could barley walk! Can’t wait to go again!!
I decided last month that I would run the Phoenix marathon which I completed this past Sunday. With a surprising time considering my training for it was little. I even beat my Eugene time which I trained my ass off for.
Today, I am still recovering from the marathon and I plan to sit out at the pool and soak up the sun with a Spanish podcast and maybe a new book that I got for Christmas. Thanks for reading and here are some pictures of AZ that we have taken over the last month or so…que tenga un buen dia.

Usery Mountain, Phoenix

Picatch Peaks

...more shots from Tucson...

Tucson Sunset