Friday, November 25, 2011

Not a blessed speller!

PEDAL not peddel. Sorry, crap!

Oh happy day.

Hope that everyone had a great turkey day. Trey and I didn’t do much. I could have tried to bake a turkey in our convection oven but, why? So, I made Trey a turkey sandwich and me a turkey tostada. It was delish but I sure did miss the friends and fam. It’s just not the same.
 I love how the TV channels are bombarded with special holiday shows. I got to watch Elf with Will Ferrell and Ice-skating. We are staying in Tucson at a RV camp. We plan to leave today and head toward the direction of Phoenix. We plan to spend the winter there but I will say Joey is not a desert dog. I spent 5 minutes last night trying to pull a cactus torn out from the gum line of his front teeth. Good times. Joey does not like the desert so we may go a little more North just to get somewhere he can run free and not have to worry that he is going to plow into more cactus. I can’t count how times Trey and I have had the tweezers out for him…
Trey and I have been biking a lot and the only thing I can’t report is that the DH trails around here aren’t really DH because you have to UH to get to the DH. So, in my opinion isn’t that XC?
We hooked up with some locals and planned to shuttle a “DH” trail called La Milagrosa. Trey, rode his Demo 8. (Oops) All I have to say is he is the man, because we peddled a lot! And he had to stand and peddle the whole freaking time. (And he is now wondering why his knee has been hurting the last few days)  Little did we know that the plan was to hook two other trails in before La Milagrosa. The only saving grace was the halfway point being in the camp area of where we dropped the camper. So, we could eat something. I’m pretty sure I would have had a total meltdown had it not been for that short little break. Some of you may be wondering if Trey traded out his Demo for the Ibis? To answer your question, no. We hadn’t yet made it to La Milagrosa. (The “DH” trail) So he stuck it out. It was a cool trail but would have been better lived with an all-mountain bike.
Hope everyone is well, thanks for reading and until next time. Hasta luego.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free ride lives in Santa Fe

We are trying to get caught up on some of the videos that we have taken, so excuse the misplaced order of this one. Here is Trey hitting the trails in Santa Fe. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I like it here.

…So, we went to Texas for a few hours. Then we headed back to New Mexico. We stopped off in El Paso at an AT&T store. We have a new phone now… We were in Texas for about four hours. J New Mexico is a really cool place, I like it here. We stayed in Rock City one night and mountain biked the next day. I have a few pictures from hiking around and Trey took video from biking. I’m going to work on stitching that together later today. We have been in Silver City the last two nights. We mountain biked here too. The trail we rode reminded me of the top part of trail #30 in Oly; only there were cactus around ever corner just waiting for me to fall off my bike.
 Southern New Mexico is having a freakish cold spell. The night before last we stayed up in the mountains in that area and were running low on propane so we didn’t run the heat. That morning was in the teens…I had on two pairs of socks with hand warmers in them, fleece pants, a long sleeve shirt, a fleece sweater and another fleece sweater with a jacket on over that. I had on two beanies and a neck fleece. Lastly, a pair of gloves with another set of hand warmers and I was still freezing. Even Joey didn’t get up to greet me that morning…
Joey is feeling better by the way; poo is back to normal. Fortunately, the wind storm kept Joey from getting too skunked that night. He smells but not as bad as the first time he was skunked in Hoodriver, OR.

Thanks again to our followers. It’s nice to know people care and are following the blog. I want to say hello to all the people we have met along the way. There are some really cool people out there doing the same thing we are. (They may be older and retired but they all say the same thing too us. “Do it while you are young.”)

Here are a few shots from Rock City.

(Our connection is too slow; I will try and post pics when I post the videos…)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


We gave Joey a bath this morning with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Once it is applied you have to wait 10minutes. I set the timer on my phone…I also left my phone on the back of the camper. It wasn’t until we were well on our way to El Paso, Tx that I realized my phone was history. If you know us and know that we would once again like to have your info in our phone please send it to us. Thanks.


We have been up for most of the night. The Southwest has been getting hammered with wind storms. Trey and I have given up on chasing good weather as the bad weather apparently has a leg up and over us.
It’s cool with me, I like the dramatic effects to our photographs, and I like that we have great stories to share with all of you. Here is a ditty from last night.

We knew from that we were in for another wind storm. Third night in a row. Joey has been sick and hasn’t eaten for two days. We think it could be from the wind shaking the camper all around, or he ate something gross yet again. Last night as Trey and I were trying to sleep, Joey started panting and shaking. Trey and I argued about the situation for a fruitless hot minute. We realized that arguing was a waste of time as always. Trey let him outside and the truth came out… literally. As Joey was expressing himself in a fowl kind of way, he saw something off in the distance, and his cute little doggy instincts kicked in as he was in mid- action. He took off… full sprint after something special in the dark. Then, Joey reappeared and flopped on the ground rubbing his face. Once again our sweet little booger had been skunked. Did I mention it is with 50mph wind gusts? Poor Joey got to sleep outside.

 We had plans today…

Let me back track and start from the beginning…

 Trey and I headed to Southern New Mexico in search of Carlsbad Caverns. We left White Sands and headed Southeast, Joey started not feeling well that night after our hike through the sands. Generally, we let Joey run around and be a dog…that day was no different.
The drive from White Sands to Carlsbad Caverns was only about 4hours but there is really nothing to see along the way. So, the drive is long. Once you get across the state its pretty flat, dry, and uninteresting. We started wondering if Carlsbad was all that it’s cracked up to be.
 We made it there gratefully but a little too late to see the caverns, so we set up camp and planned to go the next day (Saturday) and reserved a spot with a guide-only tour for Sunday. (The one we missed.L) (Today) (The one we should be doing right now.) Trey is currently at the store buying de-skunking stuff. Good times. Joey is still currently outside. (Sick and stinky)
Yesterday was amazing however. The caverns did not let us down and are completely worth the trip despite all that is going on right now. We are upset about missing the guided tour today but Joey, being our only son, must come first. We could stay another day and continue to explore the caves but more wind storms are to come tonight so we are going to continue South and head into Texas! YES, I said Texas. Maybe we will find good weather there. HA

Carlsbad Caverns, NM

Saturday, November 5, 2011

White Sands, Nm

White Sands, NM

Ojito Wilderness.

…after we left Santa Fe, NM we headed to Ojito wilderness area. Trey, read about a wave like formation in the rocks. I think our expectations were a little too high as we are still unsure if we really ever found “The Wave.” Still, a very cool area…

Santa Fe, NM

Hello people! We have left Denver and have headed back to New Mexico! Even though the roads kind-a suck, it is still a very cool place with really ne-do neat stuff to see. I’m going to try and catch ya’ll up, if I can. First off Trey had a small love affair with the different doors in Santa Fe. Here is a slideshow of a few really cool doors, then a few other shots around the area.

Doors to Santa Fe