Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh happy day.

Hope that everyone had a great turkey day. Trey and I didn’t do much. I could have tried to bake a turkey in our convection oven but, why? So, I made Trey a turkey sandwich and me a turkey tostada. It was delish but I sure did miss the friends and fam. It’s just not the same.
 I love how the TV channels are bombarded with special holiday shows. I got to watch Elf with Will Ferrell and Ice-skating. We are staying in Tucson at a RV camp. We plan to leave today and head toward the direction of Phoenix. We plan to spend the winter there but I will say Joey is not a desert dog. I spent 5 minutes last night trying to pull a cactus torn out from the gum line of his front teeth. Good times. Joey does not like the desert so we may go a little more North just to get somewhere he can run free and not have to worry that he is going to plow into more cactus. I can’t count how times Trey and I have had the tweezers out for him…
Trey and I have been biking a lot and the only thing I can’t report is that the DH trails around here aren’t really DH because you have to UH to get to the DH. So, in my opinion isn’t that XC?
We hooked up with some locals and planned to shuttle a “DH” trail called La Milagrosa. Trey, rode his Demo 8. (Oops) All I have to say is he is the man, because we peddled a lot! And he had to stand and peddle the whole freaking time. (And he is now wondering why his knee has been hurting the last few days)  Little did we know that the plan was to hook two other trails in before La Milagrosa. The only saving grace was the halfway point being in the camp area of where we dropped the camper. So, we could eat something. I’m pretty sure I would have had a total meltdown had it not been for that short little break. Some of you may be wondering if Trey traded out his Demo for the Ibis? To answer your question, no. We hadn’t yet made it to La Milagrosa. (The “DH” trail) So he stuck it out. It was a cool trail but would have been better lived with an all-mountain bike.
Hope everyone is well, thanks for reading and until next time. Hasta luego.