Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Red Hot Man!

Trey and I left Ashland, Or. and drove to Bend, Or. a few days early. Not really by choice but because when Trey went to re-up our stay at the Ashland RV resort the woman behind the counter had already given our spot away. Even though there were a million other open spots to choose from. Trey was livid. So, we left.
We drove the beautiful Cascade Hwy 46, stopping at the lakes along the way. We eventually had to turn around because of snow and a closed gate and a red faced forest service man who stopped us and said “HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?!” Treys response “We Drove?” Apparently, there was a “Closed Gate” somewhere along the way that Trey and I must have picked a lock, or jumped the fence, or perhaps we ran it down with our 15 thousand pound vehicle. Honestly, I Never saw a gate at all. The forest service dude was Mad! I did wonder why such a beautiful place was so dead. It explains why the camp we stayed at the night before had no people or ranger at the station to pay…and it was cold!  So, you could say we had this beautiful land all to ourselves for one day. Typically, we check for road closers but this time for what ever reason we just figured there would be a sign if it wasn’t open. No sign, No gate, means that it’s open, right?
 So, to that ranger I say: Sorry dude! We come in peace. We just wanted to see the lakes not ruin your day.

Trey all dressed up...

Topekee Falls

Monday, May 21, 2012


We are SUPER excited to have the story of our truck camper - travel - adventure published in!  Sharing our ups & downs over the last year in words, pictures, and video with other truck camper enthusiasts across the world is a great opportunity.  Living and traveling in a truck camper or other RV is certainly a unique experience that has provided us with many great stories to tell.

Please feel free to contact us via email at 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trying to decide what to do with Joey’s ashes has been a little challenging. I lean toward symbolic and maybe a little ironic settings. Most importantly, we want to spread his ashes at places where he loved to be, and at places where we know we will be back to visit.  Yesterday, Trey and I went back to a beach we fell in love with this past spring, but of course, being in California, there are “NO DOGS” signs posted up everywhere. California has so many rules posted everywhere. They should just have a sign posted when you cross the boarder that reads “HAVE NO FUN AND LIKE IT!” We felt it fitting to spread some of his ashes at this beach. He would have loved it there.

There is another beach where we want to spread his ashes because we had a hilarious moment there with him. This particular beach allowed dogs “on leash”, but most people just let their dogs run free, so we followed suit. Joey was behaving in his normal ways. He loved the beach. He loved to swim and chase birds. I don’t know if he had been in the car too long that day, but when it came time to leave the beach, I picked his leash up off the sand and he flipped out. He started running, no, sprinting 100ft circles on the beach! He ran over peoples blankets, and he ran up to this little girl, stomped in the sand covering her with water and sand. She started crying. The look on her face was priceless. Trey and I had no idea what to do. We just kept yelling out his name telling him to stop, but he was full on CRAZY. People were laughing. Even the people whose blankets were now covered in sand. Joey could be a real ham, and if he wanted us to know something, then he would do what ever it took to get our attention. We still look back on that day, laugh and wonder what he was thinking.

Spreading Joey's Ashes.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Look what I just found!

Blogger for the iPhone! The clouds have parted and I see the moon!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dear Birthday Gods,

I’m writing to inform you that I would like to stop my birthday clock. When you turned me thirty I thought it was cute and even had a party. But now you turned me thirty four and I think we need to have a serious conversation about the future of our relationship. I think it’s wonderful that you come and visit once a year, that’s more than I get home to see my family. I love how attentive you are in letting everyone who loves me know about the special date through social media like Facebook. The only problem with that is now they all know that you are here and changing stuff up on me. It’s a little embarrassing.
The only way you can make it better is by buying me “Insanity” so I can get a six pack, like I have always wanted. I beg of you birthday Gods if you insist on arriving at the same time every year bring me something awesome like less wrinkles and new skin. I’m glad we had this talk and I hope you can understand where I am coming from. Just so we are clear, here is the list of things you should bring next year:
A wind it back 10 years machine for your body but still get to keep your present day life.
A new set of calf muscles ones that keep me from looking like a heavy weight champion.
Better mountain biking endurance…I would like to climb up mountains on my bike while talking and get there first.
 Also, I would like a side stomach where all the sweets I eat can filter and if it’s possible, use the contents of that extra stomach as some sort of renewable resource. (Just thinking outside the box)
Lastly, I would like to drink coffee all day without the side effect of over stimulation and resulting irritation. (NOT DECAF)
Last Lastly, I would like to travel forever and have an endless supply of money.

Love Natalie

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trey following me...
Trey and I are still in Santa Cruz. We settled for a couple of weeks in a lovely little trailer park just one block off the beach. We have been riding a ton and I have been running in the mornings on the beach. Santa Cruz is great. We like it here. There are a lot of great trails to ride although most of them are illegal, unfortunately.
Here are a few shots of Trey on a “user built” tail…

Trey and I went to “Sea Otter Classics” a couple of weekends ago. We didn’t race. We wanted to race the dual slalom and the DH but our Joey bites took us off our bikes for a few weeks. We still had a great time watching the races and walking around to different venders. SOC is the largest bike race I have ever been to. Eye candy everywhere you look. It’s a playground for every type of cycle enthusiast. AND the best part is no one there is yelling “get off you bike.” It’s a free for all. You can ride your bike from vender to vender. It’s awesome! I highly recommend going at least once in you lifetime. 

…After leaving Sea Otter Classics we headed back towards Santa Cruz. We wanted to be witness to this thing we had heard about, “Jump Jam” in Aptos Ca. These guys are amazing. I’m not someone who typically recognizes people but I did however recognize Jordie Lunn. I worked with him at the SGC up in Whistler back in 2008. He spoke my language, one of the few men who have ever been able to teach me how to ride my bike. (Duncan, if you are reading this…you are my main man) (I mean Trey, if you are reading this you are my main man) Just kidding. On a side note, I will say, woman learn how to ride best when you pit them on each other and teach them together. Just sayin…
I want to fly like these guys someday…maybe…maybe not…