Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Red Hot Man!

Trey and I left Ashland, Or. and drove to Bend, Or. a few days early. Not really by choice but because when Trey went to re-up our stay at the Ashland RV resort the woman behind the counter had already given our spot away. Even though there were a million other open spots to choose from. Trey was livid. So, we left.
We drove the beautiful Cascade Hwy 46, stopping at the lakes along the way. We eventually had to turn around because of snow and a closed gate and a red faced forest service man who stopped us and said “HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?!” Treys response “We Drove?” Apparently, there was a “Closed Gate” somewhere along the way that Trey and I must have picked a lock, or jumped the fence, or perhaps we ran it down with our 15 thousand pound vehicle. Honestly, I Never saw a gate at all. The forest service dude was Mad! I did wonder why such a beautiful place was so dead. It explains why the camp we stayed at the night before had no people or ranger at the station to pay…and it was cold!  So, you could say we had this beautiful land all to ourselves for one day. Typically, we check for road closers but this time for what ever reason we just figured there would be a sign if it wasn’t open. No sign, No gate, means that it’s open, right?
 So, to that ranger I say: Sorry dude! We come in peace. We just wanted to see the lakes not ruin your day.

Trey all dressed up...

Topekee Falls