Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Love With Sedona!

Trey and I have been hitting up the red mountains of Sedona Az, as of late. We are both in love with the difficulty of the terrain. Not only is the riding technical but the trails are designed so that you are completely exposed; to your left, mountain wall, to you right death. Seriously! So long as you don't look down and only look ahead no major issues. Most of the time the trails are so freaking technical that there are no other options but to keep your eyes in the game and on the next feature. Sedona riding is a lot of work be prepared to push your bike, wreck your bike, sweat, come close to tears, and sleep like a baby every night. Also, be prepared for the haunting voice of the mountains. They call to you while you sleep at night..."buy a house here...you love it here...stay!"
The other great thing about Sedona is the people. I remember writing about Darch in Phoenix who introduced us to John and Janet of Sedona. Meeting them meant meeting every mountain biker who lives in Sedona. In fact I think everyone who lives in Sedona is a  mountain biker. John and Janet also have traveled a good stint. They set out to go on an adventure much like Trey and I. They set out to travel for one year and lasted eight years. They spent four summers in the parking lot of the Whistler bike park back before there was a fee and no one gave shit if you slept in you car. These two people have opened their doors to us and have shown us many of the amazing legal and "user built" trails of Sedona. We are so grateful to have met them. Not just because they are so cool and ride mountain bikes but because we can share our travel stories with them and they can relate. Many thanks to you guys (if you are reading this.)
Pete and Greg came to Sedona this past weekend. We got to ride the shit out of some trails. Greg flew home unharmed but completely worn out. Pete, Trey and I drove down to Prescott Az yesterday and plan to do some more riding. However we woke to snow this morning...maybe it will melt off.
Once I get Trey to spell check this thing I'll post it with some pictures.
We plan to be in Az for a couple more weeks and then we are headed back to California...
It has been almost a year since we left Oly, crazy huh? We have no plans to stop right now...not ready yet, having too much fun. Finally, able to say that.

Trey, Nat, Greg, Pete, and John

Trey, Nat, Pete, Janet, and John