Friday, May 22, 2015

Friends Go! Go! Go!

My birthday party and one of the many storms that roll though. 
For the last month we have been in Moab Utah, dry camping, along with all the other motorist looking for a free spot to camp off of Willow Springs Rd. There are a vast mix of people out there, you will find ATVers, mountain bikers, rock climbers, hikers, full-timers, weekend get-a-way-ers, and Germans. Moab has been unseasonably wet this year! The dirt roads have been a complete disaster, not just because of the vehicles coming on and off the road all day long, from the main highway 191, but mostly because of the ATVer’s (that’s a word) who think it's super-awesome to tare through the mud while its raining. When the sun comes back out and the mud dries, the road that is left, should be named Bumpy Hell Hwy. The city came out once and graded the road, but it’s been a couple weeks since then and it has rained almost every day that we have been here. So, is now a good time to mention that we parked our rig in a wash? Every time there is a lot of the rain we end up with a waterfall underneath the camper. Why we haven’t moved to a different location is because the road is such a sh!t show, we would rather deal with the rain.  

Dinner with friends from Washington and Oregon.
In the last month we have had a convergence of friends come together for some fun in sun. Unfortunately, they all got more than they bargained for.  We had friends from Arizona, Oregon, and Washington come to visit. The friends from Washington looked at the Washington forecast everyday and one of the many running jokes was that the weather was nicer in Washington than it was in Moab. (hard to imagine). Having them here was a full on party for about a week and half. We love friends and love when we get to meet up and visit in different locations but the complete exhaustion we feel once they leave is intense. See, we move at a snails pace these days. If we want to ride our bikes we ride them when we are ready sometimes before lunch, sometimes after lunch, and certainly never right after early morning breakfast. In fact, early morning breakfast only happens when friends are in town. When friends come to visit it is game on! They are on vacation and they want to Go! Go! Go! It’s a blast but when they leave we need a vacation too.  

Speaks for itself. 
Too rainy to ride so we went for a hike: Turret Arch  
Being in Moab this time around we have met a ton of full-timers. Parked right next to us although, not in spitting distance, is Bob Wells of and Suanne Carlson of We only just met them the other day, when our friends were here. We were calling them the CIA, because Bod is in a white van and Suanne is in a white Prius. We had a lot of running jokes but the main one was; watch what you say because the CIA might be listening. I hope they can forgive us; they are really nice people and living the dream just like we are trying to do. However, currently, we have a group of young boys parked between us and the Not-CIA, with a lawnmower for a generator! That’s all I’ll say about that. Don’t want to use too much profanity. Although, rhymes with gass and ends with hats. Sounds like GassHats! Drop the G.
Beautiful day for a rained later.

Okay, that’s enough ramblings from me now.

Hike: False Kiva

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Once Every Two Years, That’s All You Get!

Despite what some of you might be thinking, we have not driven our camper off a cliff. Although at times we have talked, at length, about how nice it would be to watch our camper go up in flames. However, we cherish our lives and love our dog.  The camper on the other hand would make a spectacular exit! We are still motoring along. It’s been four years on the road for us now. Of course, a lot has happened since I made the conscious decision to stop writing on NattyNTrey’s Big Adventure.  We spent two summers writing for BIKE Magazine. Last year we joined forces with and that is our full time gig these days. We tour bike parks and write reviews. But lately I have been feeling like it’s not enough to write about biking all the time. A lot of living has been happening which never makes it on the website because it has nothing to do with mountain biking. So, I can’t really backtrack two years but maybe I can do a large overview from where I left off.

I’ll start with last summer’s drive out East.  We never really thought that making such a voyage would be a very good idea in our truck camper, which we have coined the name Maurice.  Because of it’s sluggish, heavy weight, crippling, princess and pea, banana nut crunchy crap we have dealt with! * But alas it only made sense that the bike parks out East are as important as the bike park out West. So we set our eyes east and started our drive.

It took us two and half weeks to get to New York. Our plan was to stop at community bike parks every other day. My thought was that it would block out the fact that we were making such a long drive. I was able to navigate us with shorter distances. So the goal was never New York, It was, that small town bike park only 200 miles from here. That seemed to workout pretty well until we got into the mid-west, Vernon Wisconsin to be exact. We found a wooded riding area and thought it would be a great place to ride our bikes and sleep for the night. Only at midnight I woke to Trey asking me “what do we do?!?” He was in a complete panic. It took me a second to realize there was a horrendous sound blasting in the night air. It was a tornado siren horning with great oomph.  I ripped out of my sleep and we decided that being in the trees was a bad place so we packed it up and set out on the road. I texted a good friend of mine Jess and asked her if she and Brian had even been through something like this? She said the worst thing we could possibly do was drive. So we turned the rig around and parked it again!  Trey likes to bring up the cop who stopped, we thought he was going to help us, we even waved but he got out of his car, kicked debris out the road and was gone just as quickly as he arrived. The next day when we got on the Internet we learned that the tornado landed only 5 miles from where we were parked. The next night we were in Illinois when lightening ripped us out of our sleep. Trey and I both grabbed our chest and were completely gassed! Trey thought someone shot a riffle off right in his face. I thought the bikes were hit. Neither one of us wanted to go outside and check the bikes that night, we were like little kids too afraid of what was outside. The next morning I looked around and couldn’t find any sign of strike but oh man, did it feel like we had been hit. Needless to say we made a beeline after that night to get out of the mid-west…

Here are some photos of the weather and little bit of riding shots. More to come…

Here are the write-ups from if you want more...

*We have not written anything about our trials and tribulations with our rig because we have tried to keep things civil between Chalet and us, but the gloves are off now!  NEVER BUY A CHALET!!! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND OUR RIG WAS A LEMON!!! Triple Slide 2010 – hum I’m feeling loaded maybe I do have a lot to say about this dang thing.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Awesome Morning!

Look what Dude found! He was more scared of them than they were of him!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sunset at Overland Expo

Overland Expo Mormon Lake, AZ

Having a great time and meeting awesome people who are just like us. We are parked next to Gordon and Angela White from Truck Camper Magazine! Lucky Us!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cordova, Spain


When I think about Cordova, the most memorable place is Mezquite de Cordoba or "Great Cathedral and Mosque". The cathedral was quit grand and mesmerizing . A very quiet place and we were not to use our tripods. All pictures are hand held. Our family became lost from each other as we were looking up and not paying attention to one another. Pictures can not describe this place or the feeling. Building began in year 600.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moab, UT

Moab, UT

Trey, Dude, and I have spent the last month in the Moab, Utah and Grand Junction/Fruita, Colorado area. We have been mountain biking, hiking, and we even did a little canyoneering. I don't want to get too far behind as I work to catch up from our trip to the E.U. So, things may seem a bit sporadic with postings.

The next few shots are from a hike Trey and I did in Moab. We hiked in to see Corona Arch. We heard that people have been swinging from the Arch. We were stoked to see people there at the time gearing up. We had to hang out for a good hour but it was worth the wait. These guys had some nerve.