Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Big Diamond Fiasco: A Girls Dream Comes True?

The Big Diamond Fiasco: A Girls Dream Comes True?

For as long as I can remember I have always picked up anything that looks shiny off the ground. I have turned around and gone back to spots where I thought that I might have seen something sparkle. I have stopped mid-sentence to reach down just in case it might be some long lost treasure. But alas in all cases what I come up with is glass or a piece of mica or better yet sequins that were found after a friend had a yard sale. It’s funny how after years of false hopes I have continued this ritual of sparkle hunting. It may stem from watching my dad pick up every penny he sees on the ground. He then follows up by saying, out loud, “rebate!” A slogan and ritual I have brought with me into my adult life.

A few weeks ago Dude and I were outside of the car waiting for Trey to catch up to us with the truck camper. I pulled Dude’s collapsible water bowl from the car and placed it on the ground and proceeded to see something shiny next to it, so naturally I dug my fingers into the gravel and pulled a perfectly cut diamond from out of the rubble. I blinked my eyes a million times and couldn’t believe what I saw! I became very excited and couldn’t wait to tell Trey that all my searching had finally paid off! After he arrived I showed it to him but he was a little bit skeptical of my find.

Once Dude and I were back in the car and driving again I thought surely Google could help me to determine if in fact what I found was a bonafide diamond. So at the next red light I reached for my phone and typed “how can you tell if a diamond is real” and clicked on “Top 5 Ways To Determine If Your Diamond Is Real”. The first thing I read was to try and fog up the diamond with your breath. The light turned green, I Velcroed the phone back on its Velcro spot, and began to drive. I reached for the diamond and just like that the damn thing flipped out of my fingers. I thought, well that sucks, but at least I know that it’s in the car somewhere.

48hours passed, all trash was out of the car, everything had been picked through and I couldn’t find the dog gang thing anywhere! After a couple days of searching and re-searching, I was sitting in the driver’s seat feeling busted, when I noticed a small hole where the brake lever is perched and my stomach sank. I knew that the elusive diamond had fallen down that small abyss. I begged a few guys and even Trey to dismantle my entire center console. No takers.

Finally, yesterday I knew that if I was going to find this thing that I would need to boob up and pull out a screwdriver. I watched a few “how to” videos on youtube. It took some time and frustration to pass before I could stick my hand underneath the plastic near the floorboard, only to feel the metal frame with more holes and worse the carpet was loose and ended just under the plastic console. I had yet another sinking feeling. I even told Trey that I thought it might be a lost cause. Trey said, why don’t you use a flashlight and see if you can see it. So, I managed to pop the whole center console up, but I was still in an awkward position where I really couldn’t see much at all. I stuck a knife between the metal frame and the carpet to peal it apart from each other, when I heard a very distinct sound. The sound was of something very small, sliding even deeper down into the abyss. 

HAHA! Alas! I had it cornered! So this next part was a bit intrusive, but had to be done. I grabbed a carpet blade and cut open the carpet at the base of the floorboard and began to feel around. A few tries went by before my finger finally landed on something small. I was able to drag it back and into my clutches. To my delight, I pulled out a very precious stone! I can’t believe that I found it! What are the chances that it would have fallen perfectly down into that tiny hole? And I had to dismantle my center console AND I had to put it all back together again. The good news is that I can vacuum out my car now. My car has been on lock down for a few weeks.

Now, after all that, if it turns out to be cubic zirconia I might cry.