Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello Dedicated Followers,

I would like to take a moment to gush! Okay, I know it has been forever months since last we met. And OH so much has happened. Trey and I spent a month in Europe. We traveled to Spain, France, and Italy. We have tons of photos and great stories to share with you all. But, before we get to that, we have someone we would like you to meet.
"The Dude"

Meet Dude, we adopted him from the pound in Sedona, AZ. back in December. We needed some time after we lost Joey last spring to heal up and welcome new furry feet in our lives. Something that is necessary to our happiness and well-being. We decided after the E.U. trip, would be a good time to adopt again. Dude, is a four year old cattle / terrier mix of some sort. His head and body are too big for his legs but we love him just the same.
The picture below is three weeks after adopting him and the first time ever that he approached me for attention. When we adopted him we were told that he was picked up as a stray. We believe that if he ever lived with people before us, that they never paid any attention to him. 

I have never met a dog who took as long as he did to learn the command "sit." Such a simple command. He had no clue we were even trying to communicate with him. He got "sit" eventually. Once he learned the command "down" he finally clued in to our communication abilities. Imagine our delight! Here is a photo of him after a six week training class at Petsmart. Such a good BOY!!

This picture was taken just yesterday. He likes to nest in the dirt.

So, that's that! Our new boy. Now I can begin to catch up the past few (5) months or so.

Trey is not here to check my spelling and grammar mistakes. So, you'll get over it! ;-)