Monday, January 24, 2011

RV project

Shower in the RV

I have shower issues.

This past weekend Trey I headed south to do a little mountain biking and RV shopping. First we headed to Hood River, a place we have considered living, to mountain biking. Hood River has great biking, food, shops, and people. The weather was cold but dry. The conditions were perfect for biking. The ground was packed down tacky clay. I have only ridden twice since the ironman and can't tell if my new Reba fork doesn't have enough travel for me or if my arms are twitchy. More than likely it's a user issue. I took some awesome pictures of Trey taking some huge drops. Crazy man. I mostly rode around all features and complained about the mountains we were going to have to push our bikes back up.

After riding we headed to "Fat Tire Farm" bike shop so Trey and I could try out some new bikes. I rode the new Specialized SX trail bike and fell in love with its easy maneuverability and lime green color but alas a $4,500 price tag keeps this newly unemployed gal sitting on the side lines. They did come down on the price for me so maybe if I find a suitcase full of money or a jacket pocket full of gold, I doubt that I will be buying this beauty. Trey is buying the Specialized Demo 8 ll. He's not unemployed yet. He also had a passionate affair with Ibis Mojo SL. I have a feeling our North Shore rack will be fully loaded with 6 bikes by the time we hit the road. (maybe I'll get lucky and find a lime green SX in my back yard)

After all the biking shopping it was time to do a little RV shopping.

We woke Sunday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to the hit the road and see some campers. I was very excited to take pictures and video for the blog. However, our eager balloons popped when we realized the RV lot wasn't going to open for two more hours and our REI backup plan also had us waiting for another hour. So, we drank MORE coffee and became even MORE excited about our day.

I have always thought of myself as an easy going kind of person but after looking at campers I can honestly say that I am ridged and hell bent on our bathroom amenities. There are two different types of showers. Shower option one is called a dry bath. It comes with toilet, cabinets, mirror, and shower. Option two is called a wet bath. This is a smaller bathroom, you can sit on the toilet and shower at the same time! NOT COOL! I am perfectly happy giving up a foot of kitchen counter space for the luxury of my shower separate from the toilet.

I realized last night while editing the videos that I was obsessed with the bathrooms. This is a big deal.

I think we have settled on the Artic Fox 1150 (dry bath) Trey wants to do a little more research/bargaining before we pull the trigger on the camper.

This process is very exciting and I am very grateful for Trey doing so much research and having the guts to want to go on this big eventual adventure.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last day of work and Camper hunting!!!

Yesterday was my last day of work. I'm using vacation time all next week and then return for one day to have a going away potluck party! I'm going to miss the friends that I made there and the people that I worked with but the hospital politics and BS have no room in my life anymore.

Trey and I are headed to Portland/Hood River this weekend to look at campers. I plan on taking some video. If I get anything good. I'll post it.

Thanks for reading. I'll get Trey on here eventually.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

house stuff to sell 003

Getting There

Well, here it is! Trey, Joey and Natalie's blog. I haven't really ever blogged before so my hope is to not bore you and to keep you coming back. The truth is Trey and I plan on doing some serious back country adventuring and need people to know that we are still alive. If we don't check in at least every week maybe give us a call and see if we are alright.

Our plan is to head south down hwy 101 to southern California, with many stops along the way. I hope that our first stop will be to Cannon Beach in Oregon. Google that location and you will understand why I want to go there so badly. Then we will have to stop at the Tillamook Cheese/ice cream factory. No need to explain that one!

We still have a lot to get rid of but I'm counting down the invisible clock. Looks like we will be on the road mid February.