Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Not Just Another Day On Hwy 70

Trey and I have always had very interesting luck. Our lives have always been very extreme, whether we are rock climbing, DH mountain biking, running from tornados or simply having a life experience that most would think is totally unbelievable. It’s funny when we talk to people and tell them stories from being on the road and they look at us like we are full of bologna.  Well, at least we have each other and Dude as witnesses. Sometimes we get to share cool experiences with others, like this little ditty that I am about to tell you now.

Dude and I jamming out in the car!
Last fall, Trey and I picked up my car from Olympia WA. It has been there since we got on the road in 2011. Our plan, in the beginning, was to travel for only one year. Therefore, it only made sense to keep the car and have it for when our travels were finished. But, enough time had passed, that it had become kind of ridiculous not to be using it. We are still figuring out exactly what our plan will be with the car and how exactly we will tow it behind our camper. Thus far, I have been driving it while Trey has been driving the Camper. I must admit, it has been kind of nice to be able to drive ahead and check for things like road conditions for Trey. I’ve picked up the cell phone a bunch of times to alert him to what lane he should be getting into because of an up coming pothole or dip in the road. Also, driving to the store or going out eat is much easier without having to take our beast-of-a-truck with us everywhere we go. And lastly and most importantly, I can unabashedly jam out to tunes on Pandora. Dude never complains, he is my biggest fan!

Ghost Rock...this is not our photo found it on Trip Advisor 
Now back to my original story. I was driving west on Interstate 70, somewhere between Green River UT, and Salinas UT, when I got a text message from our friends Angela and Gordon from Truck Camper Magazine. The message read, “You just passed us!” But, as soon as I went to respond, I lost my signal! So, I drove a little bit further, to higher ground, “Ghost Rock”, to be exact. My signal was back and I was able to tell them where I stopped. Then, I texted Trey and told him to stop too. There we were in the middle of nowhere Southwestern USA, literally hanging out with our friends from Pennsylvania! It was a little bit surreal and, I am sure we all had drive- brain   that’s when you have been driving for so long that your brain gets mushy and you forget how to function properly. We hung-out long enough to catch up on a few things: like Gordon and Angela’s cat named “Harley” and our furry 4-legged friend “Dude’s” recent antics, LED lighting and Solar/Battery setup, and our mutual plans for the summer. We also managed to snap this shot below, which I made Trey take twice because I thought I had blinked   only after photo inspection did Trey point out that I was wearing my sunglasses! (drive-brain)
Gordon and Angela!!