Friday, May 22, 2015

Friends Go! Go! Go!

My birthday party and one of the many storms that roll though. 
For the last month we have been in Moab Utah, dry camping, along with all the other motorist looking for a free spot to camp off of Willow Springs Rd. There are a vast mix of people out there, you will find ATVers, mountain bikers, rock climbers, hikers, full-timers, weekend get-a-way-ers, and Germans. Moab has been unseasonably wet this year! The dirt roads have been a complete disaster, not just because of the vehicles coming on and off the road all day long, from the main highway 191, but mostly because of the ATVer’s (that’s a word) who think it's super-awesome to tare through the mud while its raining. When the sun comes back out and the mud dries, the road that is left, should be named Bumpy Hell Hwy. The city came out once and graded the road, but it’s been a couple weeks since then and it has rained almost every day that we have been here. So, is now a good time to mention that we parked our rig in a wash? Every time there is a lot of the rain we end up with a waterfall underneath the camper. Why we haven’t moved to a different location is because the road is such a sh!t show, we would rather deal with the rain.  

Dinner with friends from Washington and Oregon.
In the last month we have had a convergence of friends come together for some fun in sun. Unfortunately, they all got more than they bargained for.  We had friends from Arizona, Oregon, and Washington come to visit. The friends from Washington looked at the Washington forecast everyday and one of the many running jokes was that the weather was nicer in Washington than it was in Moab. (hard to imagine). Having them here was a full on party for about a week and half. We love friends and love when we get to meet up and visit in different locations but the complete exhaustion we feel once they leave is intense. See, we move at a snails pace these days. If we want to ride our bikes we ride them when we are ready sometimes before lunch, sometimes after lunch, and certainly never right after early morning breakfast. In fact, early morning breakfast only happens when friends are in town. When friends come to visit it is game on! They are on vacation and they want to Go! Go! Go! It’s a blast but when they leave we need a vacation too.  

Speaks for itself. 
Too rainy to ride so we went for a hike: Turret Arch  
Being in Moab this time around we have met a ton of full-timers. Parked right next to us although, not in spitting distance, is Bob Wells of and Suanne Carlson of We only just met them the other day, when our friends were here. We were calling them the CIA, because Bod is in a white van and Suanne is in a white Prius. We had a lot of running jokes but the main one was; watch what you say because the CIA might be listening. I hope they can forgive us; they are really nice people and living the dream just like we are trying to do. However, currently, we have a group of young boys parked between us and the Not-CIA, with a lawnmower for a generator! That’s all I’ll say about that. Don’t want to use too much profanity. Although, rhymes with gass and ends with hats. Sounds like GassHats! Drop the G.
Beautiful day for a rained later.

Okay, that’s enough ramblings from me now.

Hike: False Kiva