Thursday, November 10, 2011

I like it here.

…So, we went to Texas for a few hours. Then we headed back to New Mexico. We stopped off in El Paso at an AT&T store. We have a new phone now… We were in Texas for about four hours. J New Mexico is a really cool place, I like it here. We stayed in Rock City one night and mountain biked the next day. I have a few pictures from hiking around and Trey took video from biking. I’m going to work on stitching that together later today. We have been in Silver City the last two nights. We mountain biked here too. The trail we rode reminded me of the top part of trail #30 in Oly; only there were cactus around ever corner just waiting for me to fall off my bike.
 Southern New Mexico is having a freakish cold spell. The night before last we stayed up in the mountains in that area and were running low on propane so we didn’t run the heat. That morning was in the teens…I had on two pairs of socks with hand warmers in them, fleece pants, a long sleeve shirt, a fleece sweater and another fleece sweater with a jacket on over that. I had on two beanies and a neck fleece. Lastly, a pair of gloves with another set of hand warmers and I was still freezing. Even Joey didn’t get up to greet me that morning…
Joey is feeling better by the way; poo is back to normal. Fortunately, the wind storm kept Joey from getting too skunked that night. He smells but not as bad as the first time he was skunked in Hoodriver, OR.

Thanks again to our followers. It’s nice to know people care and are following the blog. I want to say hello to all the people we have met along the way. There are some really cool people out there doing the same thing we are. (They may be older and retired but they all say the same thing too us. “Do it while you are young.”)

Here are a few shots from Rock City.

(Our connection is too slow; I will try and post pics when I post the videos…)