Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making friends

Trey and I have been having a great time in Whistler. We have been staying mostly in Function Junction, about 6 miles south of Whistler. People use to be able to stay in parking lot four and five until this year where they now have a rule of no overnight camping in your vehicle. Sleeping in our camper in the Whistler parking lot was our plan. We talk to some folks who told us about an overflow parking lot from the Olympics in Function Junction. So, every morning we pack things up and head to Whistler. It hasn’t been too big a deal but Function Junction has nothing, really, except newly built homes. The other night we were driving back to the parking lot and I said “man, we need to meet some locals and make some friends.” Sure enough we pulled into the lot and in the far back corner was a bon fire and a group of people. Before we had even parked our camper we were greeted by Dylan, who invited us to hang out by the fire and celebrate the summer solstice. Throughout the night more and more people from the neighborhood showed up. Just about everyone there at some point during conversation would tell us about the hockey rink they all took part in building that winter in the parking lot with the help of the local fire department coming in and hosing 800 gallons of water! Everyone also told us that parking in “their” lot was a very smart idea since now Whistler is charging and not letting people sleep in their cars. Very friendly and fun bunch of people. The next morning we woke to Dylan, yelling out Trey’s name to go for a bike ride. So, they went I hung out and kept my legs fresh for the woman’s mountain bike clinic held that evening.

This brings me to my next topic. This week was the start of the woman’s clinics at Whistler. I went Monday night and Wednesday night. From those two lessons and the one private lesson I took last week, I may soon make the transitions on A-Line, maybe. Trey helped me in the intermediate drop zone and I cleared all three drops. Last night with the woman’s clinic we were in the Joyride jump zone and I cleared the second drop. Something that for years has looks WAY too scary. Luck me Trey just happen to be riding by so I got to tell him about it while still beaming from the rush. I have some goals this summer. I would like to clear the middle GLC and roll the A-line drop, and stop being such a big baby. So far, I’m off to a good start. Just about every instructor has told me the same thing, I “need to be more aggressive” on my bike. I have been working on inner aggressiveness but it really just feels silly. I guess all my tattoos can’t hide my true spirit while riding my bike.