Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trey and I hooked up yesterday at the RiversEdge in Whistler. I thought it might be a good idea because they have cable and Internet. I don't want Trey to get cabin fever just yet.
 Jamie, Derick, and Michelle are suppose to be here at some point today so Trey will get to see new faces other than mine. Last night we got to skype with Ben and Fawn and also Mattheiu. It lifts Trey's spirit to be able to talk with friends so if you have skype hop on and give us a call. If you don't have skype, get it, its free and you don't have to use video...we can't use ours here anyhow because the connection is not strong enough. Our skype name is "Claytreehouse"
He is hanging in there. The nights have been the worst as the pain really gets to him.

Talk to ya'll soon. Nat