Thursday, May 5, 2011

While walking the streets of Santa Cruz today with Trey, we meet a guy who was riding an old Santa Cruz “Bullit.” This was probably an early 00’ model, all original parts. He was explaining to us about how the fork’s springs were blown so he had to put about $8 worth of quarters in the fork in order to make the springs more stiff. AWESOME!

Talked to Andy today, her and Tom are flying into San Jose tomorrow and it looks like we are going to be able to meet up with them. Our first visitors from Oly!! We are so excited.

My birthday was great. Trey got me a Rockshox, Reverb!! Got to try it out on the trails of Santa Cruz yesterday and I'm in love.

Fyi: We plan on racing the Hood River super D and hope to see our GL6 team there. I would love to hear who all is coming.

We are mountain biking on Saturday with a friend of ours we met in Whistler a couple of years ago. Trey plans on wearing his Go-Pro so we should have another mountain bike video soon.

Hope everyone is well.