Thursday, May 5, 2011


Trey and I arrived at the coast just outside of San Luis Obispo last week. Our plan was to mountain bike and explore before our drive to Big Sur. We camped our first night in a state park. After getting set up camp Trey went for a bike ride and picture ride and I was inside the camper eating a snack. While looking out the window at what I thought was a log I realized the log had a very slow and subtle movement to it. I grabbed my camera and very quickly but quietly made my way outside and around the corner from the camper. I had a feeling it was some kind of cat. Not an ordinary house cat but a 30lb wild cat. It wasn’t until the cat jumped on the gopher it was hunting that I could see it was a Bobcat. This was very exciting for me because I have never seen one outside of a zoo. This was a young bobcat and pretty tame considering he let me get very close (within 5ft)
Here are pictures and video of this lovely afternoon visit.