Monday, May 23, 2011

First race of the season!

Trey and I arrived in Ashland, Or last week to do a little riding and found out there was a DH race happening that weekend. We were both very excited to sign up even though we didn't feel quite ready to race. Saturday we rode the race trail multiple time. The course was perfect fast flowy dry. Sunday morning we woke to cold, rain and snow. This changed things completely for race day. Trey and I did not do a morning pre-race run in order to keep our bikes and clothes dry. People looked very muddy.

Here is Trey getting ready to do his race run.
 Here is me...
Me during race run. (Trey was on it)

and lastly me taking second place on the podium!! yeah!!

After Ashland we headed to Bend, Or. GOD! I love it there and want to move there when we are done traveling. So does Trey. Trey got some video and I will work on that and post it later.
We are in Hood River now and we are racing this weekend. Wish us luck.