Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mountain Biking in Santa Cruz!

What a  great day in Santa Cruz!  Natalie and I met up with Mort and Brian. They’re locals that love mountain biking and they know the trails. Serving as our guides today for a trifecta of riding. We sampled some XC/AM, FR, and DH terrain with temps in the high 60’s with plenty of sunshine. The trails don’t come easy here. Most are illegal and unmarked which is surprising because S.C. is home to the likes of Ibis Bikes, Fox Racing, and of course, Santa Cruz Bikes. There’s a great bike shop and some great pro riders residing in the area too.  I’ve uploaded a Headcam video clip following Mort through the Freeride Park jump-line.

Mort is an Orthopedic Surgeon who we met years ago in Whistler at the “Summer Gravity Camp”. We’ve kept in touch and have looked forward to meeting up with him in Santa Cruz to do some riding. He has a “killer” house over-looking the ocean with a pump-track in his yard. YES! 

Now that we’ve had a chance to get in some good riding on the trails, try-out some of the restaurants in town, and explore the beaches nearby, we really understanding the reputation Santa Cruz has for being a highly desirable place to live.  It definitely goes on “THE LIST” of places we would want to live. The biggest “CON” is it’s expensive. Also, there’s tons of poison oak everywhere and ticks are a real problem. I’ve had at least 3 on me and Joey has had 20 or more!  I’d highly recommend a visit if you get a chance for the biking, surfing, beaches, weather, and scenery.