Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a new day!!!

After an exhausting week of snow Trey and I were finally able to venture out of our home and travel south to Portland Or. In order to pick up a few essential items for our travels. We first stopped at Universal Cycle so Trey could pick up the new “Troy Lee Design” helmet.

Looks good Trey.

Ate lunch chicken and broccoli (delightful)

Then we went to Camper Outlet where our new dream home awaited us. We spent a couple hours there going over the do’s and don’t of the camper. I thought I would be bored and antsy but I felt quite intrigued and enthusiastic about the prospect of learning about an automobile. Took some pictures, thanked the guys there, and then parked in the lot to finish our lunch in the camper. Joey (the dog) was a little unsure about climbing metal stairs at first. But once he saw us both in there with food (food being the key word in this sentence) he hopped right in and began his usual very attentive begging (mooching) stance. Joey likes the camper but I don’t think he has put it together that we will be living in there for a while. I will say he does know something’s up seeing as how we have sold just about everything that we own.

I took some great video of Trey driving the camper. I put music to it. I’m working on my mad editing skills.

Speaking of mad skills. Trey drove the camper into Portland so we could pick up our bikes from Fat Tire Farm. I’m sure some of you have been there and know that FTF is in a neighborhood of narrow roads and street parking. He did great; only once did he have to go out of the way to get to the street that he wanted. Nice work Trey.