Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For those of you wondering if I will ever be driving the camper the answer is…I’m going to pause there and tell you a little story.

Yesterday, I drove Trey and I down to Portland in my little Caliber. Now I am known to hit curbs from time to time (everyday) and yesterday was no exception to the rule. While leaving the gas station I pulled forward from the parking spot and drove up on to the concrete barrier. Trey yelled “stop Stop StoP” My thinking was I could just plow over it and Trey strongly disagreed with my choice so I put the car in reverse and back out of the spot at Trey’s request

. Trey’s words not mine, “YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO DRIVE THE CAMPER!!!!

I'm not complaning :)

Okay so back to Fat Tire Farm (the greatest bike shop in the PNW) We arrived there to pick up our three new bikes. 2 for Trey and 1 for me. Trey got the new Specialized Demo 8 II and the new Ibis Mojo HD. and I got the new Giant SX Reign.

Beautiful bikes!! Thanks to all the folks at FTF for working with us and giving us such an awesome deal. And here is a special shout out to “Patrick.” You rock and if you make it up to Whistler this summer you have a place to stay with us.

For any of you mountain bikers reading who have never been to FTF it is worth the drive!! Start your day at “Mother’s Bistro” and then head to the bike shop…