Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally, MTBing but not before Joey got hurt.

Joey, our sweet Catahoula is scheduled to have surgery in the morning. He jumped out of the camper and got his toenail stuck in the stairs and broke the nail half off above the bone. It bled off and on for most of the day so we finally decided to take him in to see the vet. (We didn’t realize just how bad it is) Joey’s a tough pup.

Finally, we got to do some riding today!  So, the trails are not easy to find here in Santa Cruz. I think all of the trails we rode today are illegal. But, we saw an awful lot of mountain bikers on them! Kurtis Keene “the American dream” was shredding on his Specialized Demo 8. Making it look easy.  So much rain lately made for some puddles and mud. Luckily, being from Western Washington, we felt right at home on the slick roots. There’s a cool trail called “Magic Carpet”(downhill/flowy/light freeride) that we rode first. Next, was “Mailbox” and “E.T.”which were more steep, rooty, and fast. “Z’s” is the Freeride Jump Zone with some 10, 20, and 40 foot gaps. SWEET! 
The best part of the day for me (Trey) was finding the super secret DH trail that was steep, fresh an loamy the whole way down for a good 20 minute run. No mud or water on it at all!