Thursday, March 10, 2011

First 48 hours of Rain, Wind, and Mishaps.

We hit the road on wet Tuesday morning around and headed south though the rain to Portland in order to complete final errands before our true departure. We had only five stops to make in downtown. If you have ever been to Portland then you know about their narrow roads and street parking. This day turned out to be quite stressful and in my opinion is not included as part of our year long adventure. However, Trey, navigated the camping beast and we made it out alive. Little did we know that we should have just stayed the night in the parking lot of ” Fat Tire Farm” as the rest of the evening played out like a great suspense thriller. As we drove the dark narrow hwy, headed towards Cannon Beach a great storm was brewing off the Pacific Ocean. I will try and make this short by saying Trey and I felt like we were on a boat out in the middle of the ocean during a hurricane, as we tried to sleep in the camper for the first time. The next day was no different. Wind gusts of to 70mph were hitting the camper from all angles. We spent a lot of the day grumpy and stressed. Our moods took a significant shift when we approached “Boiler Bay” an amazing little inlet with crashing waves and panoramic views of the ocean and mountains. We stopped at many places along the way but for some reason this place reminded us of why we started this journey to begin with. I guess if we want to travel this beautiful planet then we must see it as Mother Nature intends.