Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We have so much catching up to do and so little internet connection. I hate to make this write up brief but I really want to post pictures before we head to Dominican Republic.

We headed South from Denver to the Great Sand Dunes National Park via Salida (cool town. Thanks Jim G. for the advice) from the sand dunes we headed even further South into Taos New Mexico. (Another cool little town) Then we dipped down to Santa Fe County. We did some hiking there but we were desperate to see Bisti Badlands so we high tailed it to the Northwest area of New Mexico, found Bisti and more rain and flooding. High tailed it again to Monument Valley for a couple nights and then back to Bisti where we got lost in the alien like mounds called Hoodoos, for four days. I hope to get pictures of the Hoodoos up soon but it will depend on connectivity. Hope you enjoy the Sand Dune photos for now and there will be more to come soon. I hope.