Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park, Co

Trey and I took a side trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. A place we both have really wanted to see. However, this side trip was really about seeing how Trey could handle small bits of hiking around. He has been off his crutch for about a week now. He has a slight limp and some pain while he walks but his spirits are up, for the obvious reasons.
He has had a few missteps which have sent him into agonizing pain and despair. One day last week we decided that we would ride our bikes to the ice-cream shop and he put (slammed) his foot into the ground. Causing us to turn around and go back into the apartment. The other time was while walking, he pushed off the ground a little too hard and he felt a shift in his knee. (Could his ACL be torn?)

Anyways, back at RMNP. We drove there from Denver only about an hour and a half drive. In my mind the Rocky’s were going to be grand and rocky. I don’t know if the dense fog had anything to do with it, but it was more mysterious and hobbity. We drove the one way unpaved road to the top, something like 12,800ft of elevation. We stopped a lot along the way and looked at stunning waterfalls and fantastic overlooks. Even with all the fog we could see the beauty in the fog breaks. Unfortunately, most all the places we stopped had “no dog” signs. Poor Joey, no fun for him. He whined a lot as he does whenever he sees something beautiful, that he wants to smell and touch. Like the day we pulled up to the sand dunes in Oregon. Trey and I were discussing where to park and put the car in reverse, Joey thought we were going to leave and he threw a toddler like tantrum. I’ve never seen a dog become so animated at the thought of not being able to feel the sand between his gigantic sand dollar sized paws. And when he got out of the car he took off, full sprint to the top of the sand dune and didn’t stop running the whole time we were there. He is so cute.

On the drive out Trey and I saw a bunch of Elk but one in particular was huge! We pulled over and took pictures. I hiked down a little ways but at one point the elk shot me a look. I stopped dead in my tracks and knew not to get any closer; I then receded back to where all the other onlookers were standing. (Yes, I’m that person.)

We are leaving today (if we can get it together) and heading down to the Sand Dunes in Southern Colorado

It feels good to be back on the road.