Tuesday, April 5, 2011

...it has been one month.

It has been one month today that Trey and I left Olympia in search of sunshine and warmth. It took half that time to find the sun and anther week to find the warmth. Things have finally started to calm down a bit. Trey and I are slowly starting to catch on to living on the road. I can remember telling people how hard this was going to be but it wasn’t until recently that it has really sunk in. There is so much to do, so many chores, and routine involved.
Trey, mostly sticks to taking care of the outside of the camper (electricity, sewer, water, and plugging in cable if it is available) He is also becoming a reluctant handy man as he and I have both broke things that need repair. The one incident that comes to mind is while doing dishes I spilt water and it went over the edge right into an electrical socket. Trey got to change out his first one…
I mostly take care of the inside (cooking, cleaning, laundry, and storing everything when its time to get back on the road) and Joey, well, he chases and eats bugs as they enter the camper. He also has takes on the duty of letting us know when people have come too close to the camper. (good boy)

Between the three of us we have all suffered injury already. Trey, wrecked his hip and elbow while he striped all the bolts off of his big chain ring while riding one of the gnarliest trails near Prescott. Joey, broke a toenail off so high that it required surgery, currently he has a blister on his other paw. And the other day he ate two “T” bones and had diarrhea for two days. This morning Trey and I picked cactus thorns off of him.
Lastly, I wrecked while MTB at McDowell Mountain. So, silly too, I let go of the handle bars so I could tighten my pack straps and down I went. Ended up with a softball size swell/bruise next to my knee. Soooo ugly I couldn’t even post a picture and still so ugly I have to cover while out in public. The bruising has gone down my leg and into my ankle. And while Trey was busy breaking his bike I hit a tree branch which was sticking out onto the trail. It stuck my pinky finger…it had fat cells hanging out of it. Needed a stitch but I’m going for the killer scar instead. Alas, we are fine. Trey got his bike fixed yesterday and he is out for a ride right now. He sent me text and said he met some guys from Hood River (small world)

Trey and I are in Sedona right now and plan to stay until Monday. It is beautiful here. I could live here for sure! Trey said we would have to be rich…darn.

Hope everyone is enjoying the photos. Trey and I both love taking pictures. I dropped my polarizing lens in the lake at Granite Dells. Boohoo, I tried to get Trey to jump in and get it for me but he said it was too deep.

Hope everyone is well.