Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zion National Park needs no introduction. It is a must-do destination in the Southwest for hikers and canyoneering buffs. We visited with the specific intention of hiking the "Subway"(Left Fork of North Creek). It does require a permit even for a day hike. So, we showed up at the backcountry ranger station the day before we wanted to do our hike and requested a day permit with no troubles. Apparently, the permit limit of 50 persons per day was instituted back in the late 90's due to hundreds of boyscouts invading the "Subway" in one day or weekend and "trashing" the place. Thanks for making it difficult for the rest of us!
Lightning in a crack in the Sandstone!
You'll find this cool feature more than halfway up the 5 mile hike to the Subway.
There are several beautiful cascades like this one on the way to the Subway.
In the lower left of this photo is the first of  many "potholes" to discover along the hike to the Subway.
Natalie poses for a picture in the Subway! It's a long arduous hike (rock-hopping) through the creek for about 5 miles to get to this point, and it is totally worth it!
One of the many larger hot-tub sized "potholes" in the Subway proper.
This picture is from the upper part of the canyon that requires a rope or very good scrambling skills to gain access to it from the bottom. We were lucky enough to run into a guy named Jeremy who kindly allowed us to use his ropes to ascend to the upper reaches of the Subway.
In the background of this photo is the famous "North Pole" coined by the Pro Landscape Photographer Michael Fatali.
The "North Pole" in all its splendor.
Just past the log in the background of this picture is another waterfall that requires ropes to ascend. So, this was the end of the line for Natty & Trey. It was a long 5 mile hike back to our camper. Luckily, we were able to "dry-camp" in the trailhead parking lot before heading on to our next adventure.

Trey & Natty