Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whats Trey got to say about it all?

Trey got his stitches out yesterday. We thought the pain would be worse for him but it ended up not being too bad. We are still up in Whistler with no Internet at the condo. We got to use our neighbors Internet for a few days but they are only up on the weekends. I'm back riding in the park It's sad not to have Trey there but someone needs touse our season passes. I went to a woman's clinic last night and am now able to clear a few of the table tops on A-Line. I ban myself from black runs until I clear all the jumps on B-line and Crank it up. I'm doing that now so its time to step it up...all the while in the back of my mind reminding myself not to get hurt because someone needs to drive the camper once we are on the road again. We are going to stay here until the end of July and then possibly head to Colorado.

That's all from me, here is Trey.

Oh man, the past couple of weeks have been exhausting! I remember taking a breather at the top of a trail in Whistler bike park called "Canadian Open". It's a double black diamond rated trail. One that I've ridden down many times before. Standing there trying to decide if I wanted to go down it for my last run or to take the trail called "A-line" to get to the bottom. Of course, knowing what I know now, I should have chosen to go down the Single black diamond trail (A-line). I was tired, it was my last run of the day, and I had already made some mistakes higher up on the mountain. Duh!   So, here goes...I dropped in on the steep trail which leads to a big hip jump that requires the rider to carry maximum speed coming into it. I cleared the jump with a little too much speed causing me to lose traction in the (too) small of a berm after the hip jump. Putting my foot down in an attempt to control my skid and feeling a quick "pop" in my knee. No pain, but I felt as though my knee was dislocated. Looking down, I discovered the bone protruding underneath my skin. Weird! Trying to put it back in place was fruitless. "Natalie! Give me a Hammer"! 

I was in denial for sure. We went back to the camper to elevate my leg, apply ice, and pray for a miracle! The next day, I decided there must be something really wrong with it and I had better go to the clinic. Yep! Definitely a fracture that will require surgery to repair. Nope! I wanted a second opinion. I called my friend Mort. He's an orthopedic surgeon in SantaCruz, CA. Yep! Same diagnosis and prescription from Mort. "Sorry my friend. You need surgery to repair that." Dammit! Reluctantly, I accepted the fact that I would need surgery and we drove to Vancouver to get it.

I've never known pain like I had after the anesthesia and "freezing" had worn off!  I wanted to crawl out of my skin or pass-out! 'Wigging-OUT' is an understatement! I was 'over the top' and went 'off the deep end'! Going back to the hospital after my surgery was not a part of the plan. Neither was 50mg of IV Morphine! But, it did the trick and I"m back to the land of reality. What a crazy experience that was. Now, the staples are out, the pain is much much less, and range of motion and strength exercises are a part of my daily routine. However, It's still 5 more weeks until I can bear weight. 

This adventure Natalie and I have undertaken has certainly been anything but boring. It's much more than we bargained for. That's for sure! Unpredictable is a good word. Anyway, we'll have great stories to tell!  

Don't tell me to "break a leg" cause I will!